In honor of the New Year we asked ourselves “How Can We Motivate You to Stay Healthy in 2018 in a Fun and Easy Way?” We turned to our friend Liana Werner-Gray for some motivation! Liana is a Health & Nutrition Coach and #1 Best Selling author of “The Earth Diet” and “10-Minute Recipes.” She is a huge PUR advocate and has created 9 simple substitutions to help you to reach your 2018 New Year resolutions! Setting and achieving goals doesn’t always have to be difficult, it’s as easy as changing the way you drink and chew!

The more we shine and feel that positive energy in our body, the lighter we feel, which leads to weight loss.


The following is written by Liana Werner – Gray:


1.Find a way to eat all your favorite foods by “upgrading”.


We are human which means of course we want to eat cookie dough, chips, fries, cakes, pizza, and all our favorite pleasurable foods in life! BUT there is a way to eat these things in a way that isn’t as detrimental to our health, and in fact we can nourish our body with cookie dough for example! When I have a craving for cookie dough, I know that within 3 minutes I can be eating delicious buttery cookie dough that is also free of refined sugars, gluten, dairy and soy! I just grab a bowl and throw in 5 ingredients: almond flour, maple syrup, coconut oil, organic chocolate chips, sea salt and vanilla and wala it’s done, it’s delicious and also high in protein and antioxidants. This is having our cookies and eating them too! And the good news is we can do this with all our favorite foods, there is a natural upgrade for everything! So this holiday season I will be enjoying organic non-gmo gluten free candy, gluten free waffles made with coconut sugar, organic bacon, Daiya’s vegan pizza, aspartame free gum and mints of course from Pur Gum woo! We want to enjoy our favorite foods for the rest of our life, but in a healthy way, not in a way that destroys our health and drains us of energy.


2.Drink a Green Juice everyday.


This takes the guilt away from any extra “holiday food” we might eat during this season. A green juice might look like this: cucumber, celery, kale, spinach, lemon, ginger and some apple if you want to make it sweet. If you are worried the juice spikes the blood sugar then drink juice without any fruit, just straight up vegetable. Can we really go wrong by drinking a fresh vegetable juice every single day? No. There is no other way in the world to get such high doses of nutrition straight into our cells, into our blood system, it penetrates so deeply into our body. “I feel so guilty from having a fresh vegetable today.” Said no one ever. Drinking fresh juice is also a good way to ensure we are getting high doses of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that our body needs to get through life and especially this holiday season where we do tend to gain weight, eat more processed foods than usual plus get run down because the dramatic weather change. A fresh juice will assist in boosting the immune system so no sickness can creep in. We can’t help but feel so much more energized and alive after drinking a fresh juice. It’s one of the most powerful healthy things we can do!

3.Hit the reset button, don’t add guilt to your foods.


Just do the best you can during this season. Out of all the holidays we are tempted most around this time to eat more foods than usual. So if you find yourself overeating, binge eating or emotional eating, just give yourself a break, be extra kind and nice to yourself, and hit the reset button and eat lighter for the next meal. It’s ok to start again and again and again, because eventually it will become your new way of life, and it will be effortless, it really does get easier and easier the more you stay walking on the health path. I’ve seen it with every person over the last 8 years doing this work. Being healthy will become a new habit that you will just do.



Don’t add guilt to what you are eating, guilt just triggers negative mental and emotional responses that cause weight gain, digestive issues and sickness.


4.Know that it is natural to want to eat more during the holidays.


Especially when the weather gets cooler, our bodies natural response mechanism is to eat more foods, and more warming foods at that. During colder seasons the body wants to gain weight to keep it warm and protected. In nature, a deer will gain 20 pounds in the fall, and then lose it in the Spring. Isn’t that fascinating? I also accept a bit of healthy winter weight during the holiday seasons because I am at peace with it as it will come off again naturally in the spring. Having peace of mind effects food choices, when we are at peace we often go for healthier foods and eat within our own balance. When we are anxious or depressed we can tend to over eat or under eat.


5.Go Gluten Free.


Let’s face it, this holiday season has got us wanting to eat more cakes, cookies, brownies and chocolate than usual! Haha so rather than resist it, we can embrace it. One rule I live by is that if I want to eat these things, I go for a gluten free version as they are a lot easier for the body to digest and won’t cause me to gain a bunch of weight. The good news is there are many delicious gluten free alternatives these days that taste so ridiculously good we cannot even tell they don’t have gluten! So this is how we can have our cake and eat it too! And if you don’t like the taste of gluten free, you just haven’t tasted the right ones for you yet – because trust me they are out there and you will be amazed, delighted and so fulfilled. For example if you love pasta, the brand Explore Cuisine has an epic line of all the gluten free pasta variety that we can imagine. I will have a ton of gluten free recipes in both my books for chocolate brownies, cookie dough, pancakes, breads, flat breads, waffles, muffins, cupcakes and more! They are made with wholesome ingredients such as quinoa flour, tigernut flour, almond flour, tapioca, potato starch and buckwheat.


6.Drink activated charcoal.


Activated charcoal is charcoal, literally. It helps with digestion and detoxification. Take a couple of supplements an hour after consuming wine or other alcohols, or heavy foods like dairy including cream, gluten or refined sugars. Activated charcoal also assists the liver in processing these foods. Activated charcoal can be a great rescue remedy.


 7.Know how many calories you burn at rest.


How many calories do you burn at rest? Meaning, just because you are existing, and if you lay in bed for an entire day how many calories would your body burn? Each body has a different amount. I was fascinated about this when I learned that my body burns and average of 1700 calories per day, at rest. And it’s my organs, my breath, my heart, my digestive system that are on auto pilot that make burn all these calories up. So that’s how many calories I need minimum each day to survive. Knowing that your body needs sufficient calories each day can help take the pressure off if you may be worried that you are eating too much. Maybe you aren’t consuming enough calories? I see this often, that people are under eating which can lead to binge eating later.  And then we want to make sure the calories we put into the body are the cleanest fuel possible, getting them from organic proteins like chicken, beef, salmon and fish, or for vegans from rice protein, pea protein, nuts, seeds including hemp seeds. Clean proteins along with healthy carbohydrates from vegetables and fruits lead to a very, very happy body.


8.Switch your sugars!


Stay away from white sugar, brown sugar, artificial sweeteners and corn syrups. Read all ingredients labels. Go 7 days without these processed refined sugars and I promise you will feel so much better, you may feel way more energy, digestive issues diminish, skins issues like psosrais start to clear up, less brain fog, more focus and weight loss. Refined sugars are crazy and could be borderline illegal. They are just so challenging for the body to digest! But the good news is you don’t have to stay away from sugars all together, just opt for cleaner natural sugars like fruits (natures perfect candy), maple syrup, honey, dates, date sugar, coconut sugar and stevia. These are natural sugars our body is much happier with.


9.Just shine and be you!


Ok let’s be real – you are absolutely gorgeous! It’s true! And no one else on the planet looks exactly like you – so you can light up every room you are in. We really have no other choice than to use what we have, be grateful for what we look like, and do our very best. When we live like that, at the end of the day we are fulfilled because we did all that we could to own the moment. If someone is taking your picture just think “Shine” and let the inner vibrancy raise up and shine away.  The more we shine and feel that positive energy in our body, the lighter we feel, which leads to weight loss. Do you remember your happiest days? And how you were satisfied and thrilled with your body? When we shed our worries we also shed excess weight.


This New Year set a goal to be the happiest and healthiest version of yourself! Making lifestyle changes doesn’t need to be difficult, it can be as easy as chewing PUR and drinking more water! What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Can we help you to accomplish them?

We want to thank Liana for putting together these tips and for sharing them with us.

You can read more about Liana and her incredible story here!

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