Since our bodies are primarily made up of water, it’s the best thing we can do for ourselves that requires little to no effort, right? Wrong. Building healthy habits ain’t always so easy (even ones as simple as drinking H2O!) Add these simple substitutions to your daily routine to stay hydrated this summer – after all, water does wonders for your metabolism, skin, and overall health!

9 Tips to Stay Hydrated

1. Infuse it.

Bring the spa home by simply adding fruits to your water! Not only does it look super festive and summery, it’ll taste great too! Simply cut up some of your favorite fruits and drop ’em in your water. Simple, pure, delicious.

2. Simple swaps.

Whenever you want to drink juice, pop, tea, or coffee – drink some water first. Gulp, gulp. Do you still want another drink? We’re not saying you should give ’em up, just give H2O a chance first! Less calories, more hydration!

3. Break the ice.

Flavor your ice cubes by dropping in fruits or herbs before you freeze ’em! You’ll enjoy them more and more as they melt. Our favorite is half the cubes with diced lime, and the other half with mint = mojito!

4. Set (silent) reminders on your phone.

Admit it – our smartphones have become our source for everything. A few alerts on your phone every hour telling you to drink more water can be very effective. You’ll be eager to get into the habit and eliminate the frequent reminders.

5. Drink, eat, freshen up.

30 minutes before every meal, drink 1 full glass of water. Not only will it help with digestion, but it will also crush the hunger and make you eat less and slower. Don’t forget to pop a piece of PUR afterwards to freshen up!

6. Chic hydration.

A water bottle is a worthwhile investment. Get a bottle you want to show off! Not only is it reusable and better for the environment, a smart looking water bottle will act as a pleasant reminder for you to put it to use.

7. Sweat it out.

The more activity your body engages in, the more you’ll naturally want and need to hydrate yourself! No matter what your health goals are this summer, water is your number one pal.

8. Make it a routine.

Think of something you do every. single. day. We’ll give you some time … Okay. Now think about how you can incorporate water into the equation. Whether it’s before you take your vitamins, after you brush your teeth, or before bed, couple a glass of water with your daily routines.

9. Gamify the process.

How would you feel if your plant’s survival depended on you drinking water? It’s a little bit dramatic, but it’s also fun! With the Plant Nanny app, you will not only enjoy drinking water, you’ll want to – in order to keep your garden blooming!

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