PUR Gum and PUR Mints

We are the creators of the #1 selling PUR Gum and PUR Mints! We Kick Aspartame® by making simple substitutions in everyday favorites by eliminating chemical and artificial sweeteners without compromising taste or quality to promote a healthier lifestyle.

FUN FACT: When saying our name, PUR is pronounced as “pure” [/pyo͝or/], not “purr” like the sound a cat makes!


Our Story

Once upon a time, there was a little boy with big dreams! Selling candy out of his backpack sparked an early entrepreneurial spirit that would soon become a global business putting smiles on people’s faces all over the world. As he grew up, he noticed smiles began to fade as he heard about disheartened friends and peers speak of chemical sweeteners and artificial flavors in their everyday chewing gum. He knew it was time to give people a gum they could feel comfort in chewing, a gum they could call PUR!

Founded in 2010, PUR was built on the founding principle of making simple substitutions to promote a healthier lifestyle, at fair prices and without compromising taste or quality! With a growing number of dietary restrictions and health-conscious consumers, our small yet passionate team set out to create products that everyone could safely consume, enjoy and share! With a great product and a focus on customer service, we went door-to door, “running for mayor”, to spread the word about kicking aspartame with PUR Gum locally, before making our way into markets across the globe.  Thanks to the continued support and humbling feedback from our consumers, we launched PUR Mints in 2015, and to this day continue to Kick Aspartame® all over the world.

We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy our products, worry-free, no matter what your dietary restrictions may be.  Each day, we continue to listen and understand the needs of our consumers, friends and family and strive to provide them with amazing products as we continue to grow all over the world.

After all, we can’t spell PUR without U!

Our Products

Made with your health in mind – our products are made for everyone, with a flavor for everyone! Find us in over 30,000 retailers worldwide!

✓ 100% Sugar-Free & Aspartame-Free
✓ Naturally Flavored
✓ Allergen-Free
✓ Vegan
✓ Non-GMO
✓ Safe for Kids & Pregnant Moms
✓ Recommended by Dentists
✓ Diabetic Friendly
✓ Taste Great

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PUR Gum Flavors

Coolmint, Spearmint, Wintergreen, Peppermint, Bubblegum, Pomegranate Mint, Cinnamon & Chocolate Mint, try all 8 today!

All gum flavors are sold in both 9 piece blister packs and 55 piece bags.

Learn more about our two brand new PUR Gum flavors – Bubblegum and Chocolate Mint HERE

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PUR Mint Flavors

Spearmint, Mojito Lime Mint, Tangerine Tango, Peppermint & Polar Mint – try all 5 today!

All mint flavors are sold in a 20 piece resealable pouch.


Learn more on our website: www.ThePURCompany.com

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