Back to School with PUR

Gum has always had a hate-love relationship with the classroom, but it is definitely gaining traction for all of its benefits for students! Here are 4 Fun Facts about gum and why you should include PUR in your back to school routine!

1) Increase Concentration

Studies show that gum can actually have a positive impact on learning by helping with concentration so students can focus on tasks better! Some schools and teachers are even testing an open policy for gum-loving students, giving them the opportunity to chew freely as long as they do so respectably, and dispose of it in the garbage and not on the undersides of their desks.

2) Clean Teeth and Fresh Breath

Other than in classrooms, PUR Gum is awesome for not only freshening breath, but also to help prevent tooth decay with our all-natural sweetener, xylitol! Xylitol is dentist recommended, making it our oral-health boosting superhero. If you pack it in lunches for after eating, it’s great for kids who don’t want to bring a toothbrush to school. Our gum can even be chewed with orthodontics, as it’s sugar-free and doesn’t stick to braces.

3) Allergen Free and Safe to Share

Everyone loves gum! Make friends with PUR without the worries of traces of peanuts or other common allergies.

4) Can’t Stick Mints Under a Desk

If you’re worried about teachers confiscating gum, PUR Mints, are  amazing and share all the same benefits and health properties as our gum. Plus, with a flavor for everyone, no one will feel left out!

Get ready to kick this year’s aspartame with us!

Have a naturally sweet day!
-The PUR Team


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