Happy National Popcorn day to all your popcorn lovers out there! If you’re like us, you and your family love snacking on popcorn…especially PUR Popcorn! We can’t think of a better way to celebrate our popcorn line than to have an entire day dedicated to it! Some of you might be sitting here reading this thinking; “Wait! When did PUR release a Popcorn line?” Let us tell you the story of our popcorn! Sit back, relax and enjoy our story!

Back in May of 2017, we launched our product line of popcorn, releasing three signature flavors: Sea Salt, Sweet & Salty, and Toronto Mix! Our Sea Salt Popcorn is ONLY 35 calories per cup, and is made with three ingredients! COULD WE BE ANY HEALTHIER? Sweet & Salty might just become your new best friend, not only is it vegan, it’s also naturally sweetened with cane sugar! HELLO HEALTHY ALTERNATIVES! We know that it sounds hard to believe but our Toronto Mix (aka Caramel & Sea Salt) is indeed Nut & Peanut free and is made with 100% real butter from local grass-fed cows! Next time you and your girls are out in the six, grab a bag of our Toronto Mix!



In October, The Food Navigator an online ‘food and beverage publication’ interviewed our CEO,  Jay Klein. He explains why we shifted into the popcorn industry, saying that,

“the shift into popcorn will create the pathway we need to grow into the snacking industry. We want to stand out in crowded areas, our branding is very clean and our packaging looks great and we can deliver the product.”


Did you know that popcorn is one of the healthier snack options that you can reach for? Some of the benefits are that it helps you lose weight as it is low in calories, made with 100% whole grain kernels, full of fiber, anti-oxidants and a variety of rich nutrients. So, if popcorn is already healthy, you can imagine how amazing PUR popcorn is!

Here are some quick facts about what makes our popcorn so PURfect

– Our Popcorn is made in Canada
– 100% Whole Grain
– Gluten Free
– Non GMo
– No MSGs
– Nut and Peanut Free
– Vegan-Friendly
– 40% Less Oil
– Naturally sweetened with cane sugar
– Each Kernel is kettle cooked to PURfection


Are you craving PUR Popcorn yet? We know you are and we have some good news for you! If you are located in Canada you can purchase PUR Popcorn at your local health food store, Winners, HomeSense or Marshalls!

If you are located in the United States, we are working on our Popcorn coming to a location near you, sometime this year. Until then you can subscribe to our newsletter here to stay up-to-date with all things PUR and popcorn!

Happy Snacking!


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