Spring Cleaning Tips

Typically, spring cleaning is seen as a huge project that involves repairing and polishing what you already own. This means getting down and dirty… scooping out the gutters, scrubbing behind the stove, and more fun stuff. While these are important aspects to consider for spring cleaning, there are also other areas we often overlook. We also don’t have to wait for spring to get into this mindset  – start freshening up now!

Organize your closet

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Have you heard of a capsule wardrobe? While we don’t suggest that you need to limit your closet to a certain number of pieces, we do recommend keeping only the pieces you love and know work with your body now. We can all relate to the “I’m waiting for the perfect event to wear this” dress. (For your curiosity, it’s a sparkly gold fringe dress that would be perfect for a Great Gatsby New Year’s Even party.) Not only should you clean your actual closet, but any excessive shopping bags and shoe boxes should also be recycled too! They’re just taking up extra space and adding clutter to your already maxed out closet space. Streamlining your wardrobe will make getting ready each day a more pleasant – and faster – experience.

Clean out the medicine cabinet

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This is often a space we neglect to check for any expired medication and toiletries. When the time comes and you really need some Polysporin or sunscreen, you want to ensure the ingredients are active and will be effective when you reach for it.

Dig deep into the pantry

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Some of us already do scope out our kitchen situation every single week – often right before we go for groceries. Unfortunately, some snacks get left behind – we’re guilty of this too! A stray granola bar there, a box of half-eaten crackers here… This is the time where you can start to reevaluate what really adds value to your daily diet and what doesn’t. Have you been reaching for your low-fat popcorn more often than a bag of chips? Reorganizing your pantry can shift your family’s dietary decisions and help form healthier habits!

Streamline your calendar

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For some of us, we live and breathe through our calendar. Whether it’s digitally on your phone or written in a planner, your calendar may need a little TLC. This is the time to thoroughly think of any recurring appointments or dates that may slip by. Here are some dates to have on mind: dental check-ups, annual visits to the doc, family & friend birthdays (by the time Facebook tells you, it’s too late!), anniversaries, car servicing appointments, vet checkups, rent and mortgage payments, vacations… just to get the list going.

What’s in your bag?

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When’s the last time you cleared out your purse or work bag? We use it every day, but it seems to magically get heavier and heavier as the month goes on… a bit suspicious, no? All the receipts, mail, miscellaneous files, and old snack wrappers add up and make finding the keys so darn difficult! Luckily, we made our gum packs the perfect size to suit any bag and lifestyle, so you can stay fresh, anytime.

Go digital & automate bill payments

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(…Don’t we all wish our phone bill was only $1.00?)

Save the environment, save space, and save time. If you haven’t made the switch already, it’s time to go paperless. Organizing digital files is also much easier than sorting physical bills (just remember to have a proper naming system and back up your files often). While you’re at it, may as well automate your bill payments too, so you’ll never miss it.

Smarten up your workspace

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If you work from home or have your own space at work, it’s important to stay tidy. A clean and clear workspace can lead to better focus. Remove dated post-it notes on your desk, update your whiteboard, and maybe switch up your desk trinkets! A tidy desk will also demonstrate respect for your teammates and creates a better impression.

Are you excited for Spring!? Tell us in the comments below what your go-to spring cleaning tips are!


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