While we believe every mom can always use some refreshing gum & mints for her oh-so-busy life, sometimes the best gifts for Mother’s Day are the ones that offer time together and not stuff! At The PUR company, our goal is to Live PUR, and we think this Mother’s Day should be no exception! We’ve searched high and low to find at home tricks for having the BEST day with the Best woman you know – Mom!

Looking to take advantage of the good weather? Get outside with mom in a myriad of different ways!

Backyard Yoga **No headstand required!

Plan a private backyard yoga class.  Not sure you’re ready to tackle a headstand?! There are tons of stretch related positions that won’t put pressure on the body, instead they will offer the relaxation and calm your mom totally deserves. A little bit of research can go a long way!

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Is your mom a lover of all things pampering?

Maybe she’s not but you KNOW she could benefit! Bring the spa to her so she never has to get out of her PJ’s. If you’re not sure you want to test your luck at personal pedicures, you can create a spa vibe without the major treatments. Fill your diffuser with your favourite calming scent, put on your best chill playlist, and do a face mask! Need a recipe?!

This recipe should make enough mask for you and your mom!

½ of an avocado (TIP* keep the pit in the side of avocado that you don’t use, to keep it from going bad)

1 ½ tablespoons of cocoa powder

1 ½ tablespoons of honey

Mash all ingredients together thoroughly and apply generously to your face. Rest for 10 minutes sipping on your favourite beverage while you both reminisce.

Make sure you have a dark towel for removal and use either a warm, wet washcloth, or your hands to wash off the mask. Be sure to apply a hydrating moisturizer to seal in all the good stuff! All these ingredients and fresh and natural – totally guilt free!


Looking for other recipes, this one and others can be found here !

Turn the tables – cook for mom!

Does your Mom have a book full of her favourite recipes? Is she always the one working away in the kitchen while everyone hangs in the other room?
Well it’s time to put your apron on! Find one of your families’ favourite recipes and make it for Mom on her special day.

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All mom wants to do on a day dedicated to her, is spend time with you! So find some fun and PUR ways to enjoy each other. Less is more, and PUR is always better!

P.S. Comment below to tell us how you plan to spend your day with Mom!

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