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Adam came from a small town to the big city to pursue a career in graphic design. 160 hours later, Adam has officially completed his graphic design internship as part of his program requirements for Georgian College! Get a sneak peek at the behind-the-scenes life of an intern at PUR.

“Working as an intern at PUR, I’ve learned so much about myself and about the company’s infectious culture.” – Adam


When we imagine internship positions, we think of doing the grunt work: grabbing lunch or coffee for the team, cleaning up the space, and just generally having fewer responsibilities. I didn’t know what to expect when I applied for my internship at PUR – I just knew I wanted to work there because their culture looked so fun and fresh. Plus, who doesn’t love gum and snacks?!

My role at PUR

During my graphic design internship, I worked as part of the Creative & Marketing Team at PUR. They are a small powerhouse of in-house designers and marketing professionals. Every day, I reported to the creative team manager and lead graphic designer to help create content for social media, e-marketing newsletters, and seasonal packaging designs. Working with an in-house design team can be incredibly hectic – but equally rewarding. Pieces are moving so fast on the daily, with new projects popping up left and right. In just my second week, I had to design a full page print ad for a catalogue – in just 1 day! It’s pretty cool to see your work materializing so quickly. Not many internships offer students this type of experience and exposure. Now, I have so many more projects that I am proud to add to my portfolio. Oh and bonus – I can chew gum all day (even during meetings!) 

PUR Newsletter
(This was the first newsletter I made at PUR!)

Learning beyond design

When I first stepped into The PUR Company headquarters, I was immediately drawn to how spacious it is. The space also includes a warehouse, where all PUR Gum & Mints are shipped out, from right here in Toronto! I got to see and learn a lot more than just designing within the consumer packaged goods industry, but I also gained insight on all the backend operations that comes with running a business. It’s really awe-inspiring to see the day-to-day tasks and duties in motion. There’s the warehouse team packing products and shipping large quantities of PUR into the world. Then there’s our team, sitting in the ever-inspiring creative corner, working on new ways to showcase the brand. It’s really cool to see the CEO, Jay, up and about, touching base with everyone in the office. He’s very approachable and even gave me advice on a couple of projects. Being able to receive feedback directly from the CEO as an intern is quite rare! What’s also very important to me is that PUR cares about my own personal career development. They asked me what I wished to learn, what projects I wanted to do more of, and where I could use more guidance. I was able to apply my skills to clothing design, editorial work, packaging, print, and digital media. Being able to use the skills I’ve learned in school in a real-life setting really allowed me to grow. Working as an intern at PUR, I’ve learned so much about myself and about the company’s infectious culture. There was never a shortage of events to attend and team bonding activities during the internship!

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A piece of advice… just chew do it!

As a word of advice for other students who are considering an internship, I say: go for it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. It’s one of the best ways to make mistakes, ask questions, and hone in on your skills! There really is no such thing as a stupid question – especially when you’re an intern and your team members understand that you’re still learning too! While strong communication is key, you should also have this sense of energy and eagerness to learn and to impress! The goal is never to provide satisfactory results, but aim to exceed expectations. Going above and beyond your day-to-day tasks and showing initiative is one way for interns to make an impact in their role. So don’t hesitate to put you, your work, and your ideas out there.

My happy ending

So… what happened after my internship? … Drumroll please!! Near the end of my internship, I received a full-time offer at PUR! I was told that my hard work and ability to exceed expectations landed me this full time position. I love how my work can now be a part of my creative outlet to develop graphics on all different mediums. Within my first week as a full-timer, I was thrown into new exciting projects. At PUR, you’ve got to learn how to walk and chew gum at the same time to succeed. Working on PUR Popcorn’s new product launch was definitely a highlight – so be sure to check out our work!

Thanks for reading! Summer is the best time for internships – so embrace the opportunities and put your best foot forward!

– Adam

The PUR Company Team

A Note from Cerys, the Director of People & Culture at The PUR Company:
At The PUR Company, we host summer interns from schools across Ontario to give them the opportunity to see what it’s like working in a hands-on environment with a diverse team of passionate people who love coming to work and living the PUR values every day. Are you interested in becoming an intern at PUR? Check out our careers page for possible opportunities.

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