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Amber Romaniuk is an Emotional Eating, Digestive & Hormone Expert & Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant dedicated to raising awareness for body positivity and overcoming emotional eating. Today, Amber is sharing her story with the PUR Team on how to improve your relationship with food, and how PUR played a part in her wellness journey, from having a love/hate relationship with food to finding balance and freedom.

“I love PUR products because they are an amazing alternative food and health product, free from artificial colors, additives and chemicals.”

The following is written by Amber Romaniuk:

Do you know how you would describe your relationship with food? If you could pick three words what would they be?

The old Amber would have told you:

1. Hate

2. Overwhelming

3. Suffering

That is the Amber that was suffering with a full blown food addiction and no control around food. I had an issue with binge eating unconsciously for a long time and as I went through my early twenties, realized that I had a major problem. I used food for every reason including upset, worry, fear, stress, happiness, sadness, everything.

What I did not realize is that I had a massive void that I was trying to fill with food, that would never be filled, and that there was actually a massive lack of self-love there for myself.

With that there was also a massive lack of mindfulness with food. I ate in front of the TV or on the run. I was always normally choosing more processed foods due to my addiction and lack of knowledge about food and I did not use. I used food to punish myself when I felt I didn’t do something well enough or if someone was upset with me. I also used food to punish myself for losing control, gaining weight and not looking perfect or being able to stick to my “perfect” way of eating, or whatever diet I ended up being on.

And this is where I really want to explore mindfulness with ourselves. With both food and self-care because they do go hand in hand. I see this black and white mentality that goes on. It’s like we either choose to be FULLY on, perfect with eating, exercise and so on to lose weight, and leave no room for human error, and then if we make one small mistake or fall off the perfectionist band wagon we completely crumble and fail and go back into mindlessness with food.

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I really think it’s important we start to identify where on the plain of black and white we are at, and to work toward shifting to a middle ground to find balance as being completely out of control or gripping to be fully in control are not healthy when it comes to mindfulness.

It’s to start to just get honest with where we are at, and let go of judgements around it and be with it. When we can admit, and choose to want to make mindful changes, we are far more likely to be able to do so instead of when we are in full judgement mode.

I also think one of the most important steps with mindfulness is to understand it isn’t a diet, a quick fix or something that is going to happen tomorrow. It’s about taking small steps each day to build a lifestyle transformation with food and our relationship with ourselves. For example, if you always eat in front of the TV, make a goal to start sitting at your kitchen table with no distractions and just sitting and enjoying your food.

What does this do? It starts to help us be present to eating, enjoying the smells and flavors. We also normally eat slower and because we aren’t distracted by the television, we finish our meal feeling satisfied and digesting well, instead of feeling unsatisfied and feeling like now we need more.

Here are three other tips that I have as one starts to explore shifting into a more mindful relationship with food and themselves:

1. Always plan sacred self-care time in your schedule.

  • It’s SO important to prioritize what is important like food prep, enough sleep and relaxation time for things like journaling, stretching, getting outdoors, physical activities that you love and time to do things that bring you joy. When we are grounded and at ease with our emotions, we are far more likely to want to take care of ourselves versus being overwhelmed and stressed which can leave us reaching for the treats for a quick fix.

2. Throw out the fad and quick fix diet books & unfollow them on social media as well.

  • When we are in a vulnerable relationship with food we end up comparing ourselves to others and hoping the quick fixes being promoted will work for us. When they don’t we can end up losing control with food. Deleting and getting rid of the information that can make us feel vulnerable or like going for another quick fix can help to give us some much desired freedom.

3. Before you eat, ask yourself if you are actually physically hungry.

  • I find a lot of times when I used to ask myself this question or my now clients ask themselves this question they end up answering that there was something else they actually needed like water, sleep or self-care of some sorts to deal with a stressful experience.


Mindful eating and a mindful and loving relationship is not about restriction or having to be perfect. It’s about exploring what works for you and helps to give you freedom, happiness and optimal health. It also means having amazing alternative food and health products available that are free of artificial flavors, colors, additives, chemicals and anything that could be harmful to our body and minds. That’s one of the reason I love PUR products, because they are just that and a nice little piece of my day of balance and mindfulness.

The Amber now would describe my relationship with food as:

1. Friendly

2. Trusting

3. Beautiful

As I no longer struggle with fearing food, losing control around food or that it was the foods fault for my suffering and struggles. There is no more bouncing from black to white, perfect to complete loss of control, there is balance. I indulge sometimes, and give myself full permission to do so, and I for the most part stick to healthy whole foods eating as that is what makes my body feel good. No diets, no restrictive eating styles, it’s really about opening up our minds and body’s to the world of variety of food, and that it is safe to trust our body’s ability to break down our foods.

If for some reason we cannot because of symptoms like bloating or emotional resistance or fears, then that’s when I recommend exploring getting help from an expert who can help to support you to overcome both the physical and emotional.

Everyone including you are worthy to overcome and find balance and freedom, and sometimes it just takes a different approach.

Where do you want to make positive changes with your relationship with food and yourself?


If you can relate and are seeking support you can e-mail me at [email protected] to book a 30 minute complimentary consultation with me via Skype, phone or Facetime to explore your main concerns and struggles with your health and relationship with food.

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Amber Romaniuk
Emotional Eating, Digestive and Hormone Expert
Owner of Amber Approved Inc

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