Right when the clock strikes Midnight on Thanksgiving, we start thinking about (and shopping for) the holidays! Here are some ways to sprinkle small acts of kindness this holiday, to show someone you care by gifting our better-for-you treats (without breaking the bank!) And most importantly, gift with a peace of mind. PUR Gum is aspartame-free, made with natural flavors, and allergen-free. Gift a worry-free treat that everyone can enjoy.

1) Gift Tags

So you’ve spent hours scouring the malls and the web – and you’ve finally found the perfect gift! Get creative with our festive gift tags that also double up as a card – or rather – triple up as a pack of gum.
Holiday Gift Tag Ideas

2) Dinner Place Cards

Add the finishing touch to your picture-perfect table setting and avoid confusion among your guests for seating arrangements. Plan ahead to make sure Aunt Sally doesn’t have to sit next to Uncle John (awkward!) But most of all, everyone will appreciate having a minty treat to freshen their breath after Grandma’s garlic mashed potatoes mmm…
Dinner place cards

3) Thank Your Coworkers

Share some delicious goodies with the entire office! It can be difficult deciding what gifts to pass along to your team. We’re constantly stressing out from what to gift our coworkers – especially those we don’t work with on an everyday basis. Share a token of appreciation with members that have helped you this year with a simple, but grateful, Thank You.

4) Stocking Stuffers

Stockings are meant for “stocking” up on the essentials! In between the socks, toothbrushes, and toiletries, PUR is an everyday staple too. Plus – they’re a great way to name each stocking & look great hung over the fireplace.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

5) Dress Up Your Gift Card

Default gift card sleeves are beautiful – but they’re not the most personal. Switch it up and deliver it in a cute and cheeky way! When they slide out that blister, they’ll be more surprised than ever.

Gift card ideas

6) Family Vacation

Family vacations are exciting. The plane ride? Not so much. Chewing gum calms everyone down (when your brain thinks you’re eating food, it will think everything is okay!) And of course, chewing through the ride to prevent our ears from popping is key. With 24 packs in 1, there’s enough to go around the entire family – and the hotel staff too!

Best gum for travel

7) Leave ’em out for Santa!

Santa needs healthier alternatives when he chews too! After a long night crawling up and down chimneys, he could use a naturally sweet treat.

Treats for Santa

The gift that keeps on giving. Shop Holiday Packs in Canada and USA – Or win a Holiday 24-Pack when you join our PUR newsletter! (The contest ends November 30 – so hurry for a chance to win!)

Get creative and tell us how you made 24 gifts from 1 pack! Or 23 – because we know you took one for yourself 😉 (we’ll shhh)

Holiday Gift Tags

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