PUR Turns Seven

You’ve known us as PUR Gum since 2010, but did you know we became The PUR Company in July 2017? To celebrate our champagne birthday, we thought we’d share seven fun facts we bet you didn’t know about PUR!

1. The first pack

The first pack of PUR was sold in May 2010 to a small independent health food store in Toronto. Today, we are sold in over 30,000 locations across 30+ countries, making PUR available around the world, and even 24HRs online!

2. Throwback to the backpack

Our Founder Jay used to sell candy out of his backpack as a child and dreamed of turning it into a career. He is literally, living his dream. Wait, is this real life?

3. Sometimes it’s okay to talk to strangers

The idea of PUR Gum came about when yet another stranger turned down a piece of gum from Jay on an airplane ride due to chemical ingredients. Jay took it as a challenge to create the BEST chemical-free gum that everybody can enjoy. We always wonder… where is this stranger now? If you’re out there reading this blog post, our team says “hi”!

4. “PUR”

The name PUR came at a EUREKA moment when the team was throwing out different words to characterize the product and brand. How do you think Dependable’s got its name 😉

5. Mints, please!

PUR Mints were created solely based on consumer requests. You’re welcome.

6. So you think you can chew?

Jay once accepted an online challenge to chew an ENTIRE 57pc bag of PUR on YouTube! He drooled in front of hundreds of viewers. That video is still up and public… viewer discretion is advised.

7. More smiles to come : )

In just 7 years, PUR has become a globally recognized brand and the #1 selling aspartame-free gum and mints on the market – putting smiles on peoples’ faces every day. This is a very special year because we’re celebrating by bringing something NEW for you to chew on… or snack on… Stay tuned!

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