The Perfect Packing Checklist

Whether you’re packing to go back home for your family’s holiday dinner or jet setting to a beachy destination, we got you covered with this handy dandy list & some bonus tips!

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Perfect Packing List

Pack Like a PRO:

Plan out your outfits and accessories before you pack anything in your suitcase.

Roll – don’t fold! – your clothes (they’ll be less wrinkly & it saves space!)

Organize items by kind in see-through bags or colored bags for easier access and better organization.

Buy travel-sized containers for toiletries. They are reusable and allow you to use your everyday items instead of buying new travel-sized ones.

Bring an extra set of clothes in your carry-on luggage, just in case.

Dress in layers – especially if you’re flying.

Bring extra resealable bags – because they always come in handy.

Make copies of all important documents: travel confirmation documents, your passport, hotel confirmation, etc.

If you can squeeze everything into a carry-on – do it! Dropping off and picking up your baggage is one less thing to worry about before and after your flight.

If you are flying, organize your toiletries into 1L plastic bags – for smoother security checks and to prevent leaks in your suitcase.

If you wear makeup on the daily, pack your make-up bag beforehand when you’re doing your makeup so you know your essentials.

Got any tips you’d like to share? Tell us in the comments! The PUR Team wishes you the best trip!


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