What is Xylitol?

Xylitol, you may be asking yourself, what the heck is that?! At The PUR Company we change the way you chew! One of the ways we do so is by naturally sweetening our gum and mints with a cool ingredient called Xylitol (pronounced zahy-li-tawl). Being the first ingredient listed on our packaging, we often get people asking what xylitol really is, so here’s everything you need to know!

What is xylitol?

Xylitol is a naturally sweet sugar alcohol that makes great alternative to white sugar and artificial sweeteners. It looks and tastes just like sugar yet has 40% fewer calories and unlike artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, xylitol has virtually no aftertaste!

Xylitol can be produced in a few different ways – however the xylitol used in PUR Gum and PUR Mints is made from a blend of the highest quality non-GMO corn and birch trees. All xylitol factories are required to have an in-house lab to test each batch so it follows FDA guidelines ensuring its always safe to consume.

Why use xylitol?

For all its AWESOME health benefits, of course!

  • Recommended by dentists to boost oral health
  • Reduces formation of plaque on teeth
  • Helps to keep neutral pH level in the mouth protecting tooth enamel from demineralizing
  • Assists in preventing tooth decay and cavities by reducing bacteria from sticking to teeth
  • One of the sweeteners lowest on the glycemic index so it won’t raise blood sugar levels. To put it in perspective table sugar sits at 68, while xylitol is a 7, making it ideal for diabetics
  • Treats dry mouth, making a great option for individuals going through chemotherapy treatments
  • It’s safe for everyone – pregnant moms, children, diabetics and more! * Xylitol has been given the safest health rating for the World Health Organization
  • It tastes great

*Safe for humans, xylitol is NOT animal friendly just like chocolate.


How can you add more xylitol in your daily routine?

What makes xylitol great is you can effortlessly add it into your daily routine. Xylitol can be found in some toothpastes, mouthwashes, nasal sprays, tablets and chewable vitamins, you can also cook and bake with it, but the simplest way add more into your diet is to simply chew on gum and mints that are made with xylitol.  To receive its optimal health benefits, it’s recommended you consume 6-10 grams of xylitol per day!

How to use xylitol throughout the day to achieve its health benefits:

  1. Upon waking up – Use toothpaste, mouthwash or nasal spray
  2. After lunch – Use gum or mints
  3. After breakfast – Use gum or mints
  4. After Dinner – Use gum or mints
  5. Before bed – Use toothpaste, mouthwash or nasal spray


You can learn more and find out where to purchase xylitol friendly gum and mints HERE


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