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On November 23, 2017, Waterstone Human Capital and the National Post awarded The PUR Company Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures Award. This award is awarded to companies that recognize best-in-class Canadian organizations for having cultures that enhance performance and sustain a competitive advantage. The PUR Team was honoured to have received this award, and want to share with you what makes us PURly amazing:

Vision and Leadership

PUR’s vision was founded on the idea of making simple substitutions in everyday favourites, to create enjoyable products free from Aspartame and other chemical ingredients. Entering into a market controlled by industry Goliaths, our ambition was to change the way people think about chewing gum, knowing very well the obstacles that lay ahead. We started with a “run for mayor” mindset, going door-to-door, focusing on independent retailers instead of large chains, the Mom & Pop shops, getting our foot in the right door to set up sincere, valuable relationships and ultimately, our future success.

Our Founder, knowing his strengths and weaknesses alike, knew he could not Kick Aspartame®  alone and began to form a leadership team of great people who shared in his dream of providing customers with great products at fair prices.

As PUR continues on its aggressive growth trajectory, the team is bursting with leaders who are motivated to teach, learn, and be a piece of a meaningful puzzle. The brand has become about more than products; it is a lifestyle that is led by our shared company values: purpose, passion, relentlessness, respect, wellness, and fun.

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PUR is committed to staying true to its authenticity and culture. In the past 12 months, we have welcomed over 40 team members into the PUR family, adding to our explosive company growth.

We witness personal and professional development every day, encouraging each individual to think critically and outside the box, to not to be afraid of failing or taking chances. We lead and oversee our teams, but we are compassionate, which is arguably the greatest factor in what makes exceptional PUR leaders. After all, that is why we created our products in the first place; because we genuinely care about bettering peoples lives. We personify this mindset internally through our teams, our leaders and our people programs.

 Our mission is told through four approaches.

1)Our PASSION FOR PEOPLE drives us to deliver innovative and noteworthy products as well as provide caring solutions in our customer service division. We also focus on supporting our internal team in their growth, inspiring them to reach new levels of achievement and become leaders for their peers.

2)SIMPLE SUBSTITUTIONS means we take everyday favourites and replace harmful, artificial, unhealthy chemicals with “better-for-you” alternatives.

3)MADE FOR EVERYONE means our products are safe for people with allergies or dietary restrictions, creating a consumable that is shareable and social.

4)Lastly, QUALITY WITHOUT COMPROMISE defines our innate objective to provide best in class products without trading in fair price points or superior ingredients.

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Hiring for Fit and Cultural Alignment

Attracting the right talent is always our primary objective. Intelligence, Job Knowledge, and Leadership are guiding factors identified as key elements found in our top performers. We look at PURness, that personality X-factor that defines team fit, aligned values and how the candidate may contribute to our company culture.

At PUR, we are confident in our identity, where we want to go, and who will help us get there. Our employer brand story resonates through our job advertisements, our careers site and our careers book, all of which align authentically with the PUR brand itself.

Every visitor who walks into PUR Headquarters is welcomed by the vibrant and fun environment that we provide for the people who spend their days here. We are strong believers in a healthy work-life balance and strive to maintain a mindset that motivates our people to work hard and smart, while being passionate about their projects, finding mental stimulation and simply enjoying what they do.

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At PUR, we love bouncing ideas off each other and encouraging innovation with everything from the colour of our branded shirts to a potential new product line. The aesthetic of our office space is designed to inspire each PUR team member with our company mission, vision, and values posted on each person’s desk and hung on several walls throughout our building in order to motivate our people to live the brand culture.

PUR people have a connection with the brand identity and purpose. Our recipe for success revolves around considering each facet of the business when it comes to project execution, whether it be marketing, design, sales, finance or logistics. We put a strong emphasis on attention to detail and handling each of our customers with care, providing the same service for a first-time buyer ordering one pack of gum from our online store that we would to a global retail chain account.

We focus on improvement, development and challenging the status quo. If the current process does not work, the team is encouraged to bring solutions to the table for discussion. Understanding our value of being relentless and questioning the way we are doing things has resulted in tremendous advancement in the quality of work. Our people know that their voice and input can genuinely impact the business, resulting in a sense of empowerment and the development of remarkable innovations.

Rewards and Recognition

Rewarding and recognizing the right factors is a strong part of our culture that goes well beyond compensation. Some of our programs are as follows:

1)Initiatives like operation cost savings with a common goal to save in excess spending has resulted in our first ever companywide retreat we held in October 2017!

2)Our Founder’s “PUR-ly Amazing Award” is given out at our monthly team huddle to recognize a team member who goes above and beyond, affiliating their work with our cultural principals and living the PUR values both in and out of the office.

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3)Peer-to-peer values cards are for team members to acknowledge one another’s efforts, successes and achievements, creating an all-around support system within the company. They are posted in a central area for everyone to see and are read aloud at our monthly team huddle.2

4)We recognize and nurture young talent by developing career maps for success, providing opportunities for training and development, while being mentored by our strongest and most experienced senior team members.

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Giving Back

As an only child raised by a single mother, our Founder, Jay Klein, is a strong believer in putting smiles on the faces of children. He is actively involved and contributes to Mount Sinai Hospital and SickKids, alongside other organizations that support youth in the community. Jay regularly makes time to help people pursue their professional ambitions by meeting with young entrepreneurs to share his experiences. He believes that everyone possesses great talent, and he continually pushes people to reach their potential.

The organizations that we connect with are ones that directly involve our consumers. Establishments that support people with diabetes, cancer patients, the youth, and ones that put smiles on children’s faces are all included in our selection of charities based on their alignment with our brand values. PUR is constantly supporting charitable events and organizations through sampling initiatives that can be brought to fruition from anyone within the company.

At PUR, we take on every chance we can to give back to our community. We’ve contributed to several charities that include, but are not limited to, the Louise Temerty Breast Cancer Centre at Sunnybrook Hospital, SickKids Hospital, Tanenbaum-Lunenfeld Research Centre at Mount Sinai Hospital, and Wellspring.

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If you are interested, you can read the full press release here. 

Thanks for Kicking Aspartame with us!

– The PUR Team

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